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The English Democrats are pleased to announce that our candidate, Therese Hirst, came second in Batley and Spen which is a constituency where the English Democrats have never previously stood.  Despite this we easily beat the BNP which had previously stood on many occasions and even once had two councillors in the constituency.

By contrast Labour had hundreds of activists canvassing and campaigning for weeks.  They pulled in many of their high profile figures, including Jeremy Corbyn. They even had their Scottish Leader, Kezia Dugdale, come down from Glasgow with a coach load of activists!  Labour also spent up to the maximum permitted by-election spend of £100,000, paying up to £5.71 per vote!  Even so they had a dramatically reduced vote, despite also their established brand and their longstanding political dominance in Kirklees.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  “I heartily congratulate Therese Hirst on the campaign and on her coming second in the Batley and Spen by-election.  It often seemed that the media were resolutely hostile to the English Democrats and to the English Cause, but Therese rose magnificently to the occasion.  I was also very pleased that Therese’s response to the election results was to mimic Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous film comment of “I’ll be back!”

I am looking forward to seeing whether we can beat Labour next time in the General Election when the boundary changes reduce their incumbency advantage and also when their spending is limited to the General Election’s £10,000 maximum!”

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats,

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Batley and Spen Leaflet 2

batley-and-spen-5 batley-and-spen-8 batley-and-spen-6 batley-and-spen-7

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Batley and Spen Leaflet 1

batley-and-spen-1 batley-and-spen-2 batley-and-spen-3 batley-and-spen-4

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Believe In Leave

The evidence is clear, Labour do not want the people of Batley and Spen to prosper.


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The English Democrats, who have campaigned for BREXIT for over a decade, are delighted to announce that Therese Hirst, deputy party Chairman, and former Leader of Veritas as formed by Robert Kilroy-Silk, will be standing on behalf of the party in the forth-coming Batley and Spen by-election.

Therese Hirst stood in the recent Police Crime Commissioner elections for West Yorkshire and gained over 20,000 votes and is the only credible Brexit campaigner who will be standing in the forthcoming by-election.

On being selected as the English Democrats’ candidate, Therese Hirst said:- “Theresa May reluctantly leave the EU but this Therese WILL, as I believe in Leave, and I will continue to campaign until the democratic will of the people who voted for BREXIT has been fulfilled, and we have also secured a voice for the people of England in an English Parliament”.

The constituency seat of Batley and Spen became vacant after the tragic and brutal death of Labour MP Jo Cox.  Therese went on to comment:- “Attempts to destroy our democracy through political violence is nothing new in British politics and the answer was then – and should be now – that we remain steadfast in our defiance of such savagery and inhumanity, to ensure that the democratic process for which she paid the ultimate price, continues; and thereby signaling the strongest – yet most difficult of messages – that such violence has no place, nor any moral justification in our society, and that we as a free and democratic people be free to achieve our goals as one united, English nation without it.”



Contact: 07932 605581



Therese Hirst - English Democrats - Bradford West Small

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The English Democrats delightedly welcome the result of the EU referendum as the majority of the People across the whole of the United Kingdom have democratically voted for the sensible option of leaving the EU.  We especially welcome the result in England. In England the turnout was 73%, the highest of the 4 countries in UK and England has voted by 53.4% to leave the EU.

It is now incumbent upon David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to begin the process of disengagement from the EU.  If, despite the result of the EU referendum, he is not prepared to do so then he should resign forthwith and not wait until October.

The important thing is that the democratic vote of the People should be honoured without reservation.

The English Democrats now call for those parts of the United Kingdom, namely Scotland and Northern Ireland whom have voted to Remain to have the democratic Will of that Nation and Province also honoured.

Under the current uneven Devolution arrangements the UK’s membership of the EU is a ‘reserved matter’ which means that has to be decided by Government of the United Kingdom, not by the devolved assemblies or parliaments.

The English Democrats support the right of the Nation and Province which voted to Remain to do so.  We therefore call upon the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to not only to activate Article 50, but to negotiate to enable the Remain voting Nation and Province to Remain within the EU whilst England and Wales leaves.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  “I am delighted with the result of the EU referendum vote but concerned that David Cameron and his clique will now try to subvert the democratically expressed Will of the English People and of the Welsh People.”

Robin continued:- “As a democrat I am also calling for the democratic Will of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Peoples be fully honoured without reservation and that their Will to Leave or to Remain should be honoured.”

“For the English Democrats it is very clear that the United Kingdom is now dead. It is no longer possible to argue that Britain speaks with one voice. We will work to ensure that the will of the people of England is carried out. We believe in England not Britain.”


Robin Tilbrook


English Democrats Party

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To Wear or Not to Wear? That is the Question

To Wear or Not to Wear? That is the Question

Written by Therese Hirst

When Marks & Spencer launched its sharia compliant swimwear range earlier this year for Muslim women here in the UK and across its European outlets, it was met with a spark – excuse the pun – of curiosity and criticism putting the issue of female, Islamic-dress code, the issues of faith, morality and modesty firmly on the beach.

In her article on, Burka On the Beach: whose choice is it anyway? Safia Alfaris, a Muslim author and feminist, gets straight to the heart of the matter, stating,

“Having to be fully covered even while swimming is down to an attitude designed to control and manipulate Muslim women, and to ensure that they are always self-conscious. To ensure that they somehow feel inferior, that they can never be independent, and that if even a sliver of their flesh is seen, then they are committing a grave sin and that it is their own fault if men commit crimes against them because of it”.

The link between how much a woman covers her body and the question of sin and morality is not akin solely to the modern Muslim woman, not just in the West but across the Muslim world, struggling to adapt to modern society and different social mores.

Indeed, Christianity has toiled with the problem even since Jesus preached on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and challenged the strict Jewish religious establishment of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  Jesus proclaimed that is is not what a person eats or what a person wears which makes them pious – good or bad – but what they are in their hearts – and, crucially how they treat other people – both Jew and Gentile alike. The gospel stories are full of instances where Jesus confronts the religious authorities and challenges the status quo; where literal adherence to strict Jewish Ritual Law is called into question. Emphasis instead was on the spirit of the Law, not the letter of the Law.

It was precisely this struggle between whether the early Christian Church would remain constrained by its Jewish roots, under James the Elder, in Jerusalem or whether it would venture out into the Roman world to embrace the philosophy of the Classical Greeks.

Burka on the Beach


Burka on the Beach

Image courtesy of Google

So too, down to more recent times: when I was a young girl, being modest and wearing clothing that covered your chest and knees, and arms was something that was expected – particularly when in church.

Within the Roman Catholic community, the covering of the head in church either with a hat or a veil, for a female, was obligatory. It wasn’t until Vatican 2 in 1965 that this requirement changed for a female.

Personally, it took me a very long time to shake off hat, veil – and gloves – as there was something indeed quite spiritual about worshipping my God as demurely as I could be – and I still struggle all these decades later.

Yet, hundreds of thousands of Christian girls would have confronted this very same moral dilemma, but the passing of time and changing attitudes clearly showed that it wasn’t what I – or they -wore on my head, or the length of my skirt that made me pure – but what I had in my heart and how I treated other people.

As for the first time my mother bought my sister and I a bikini when I was 14? Well, that is another tale! Suffice to say that I didn’t come from behind the towel for a very long time!


Muslim women, not only here in England, and across Europe but also across the Middle East are gently dipping their toes into the water – it is up to us who truly believe in the emancipation of all women to help them learn how to swim.

Mand S Uniform

courtesy of markandspencer.com

Whatever your views on the fashion – and let’s be frank – it looks likes it belongs to a character in a sci-fi movie – the one good thing to come from this is the fact that at last, the battle lines are being rewritten in the sand between those of us who utterly object to the Muslim woman wearing the burka, which they deem is utterly at odds with English culture and is a visual expression of misogyny – and those who claim that it is their human right to wear it come what may.

Then, of course, there’s always the middle ground brigade who ebb and flow with the tide. “To wear or not to wear? That is the question….”


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EngLeave.eu – watch “Brexit the Movie” to get England out of the European Union !

EngLeave.eu – watch “Brexit the Movie” to get England out of the European Union !


Therese Hirst – Candidate for West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commssioner

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Therese Hirst will stamp out Political Correctness in West Yorkshire

Vote for Therese Hirst in West Yorkshire to end this madness