Fairness for England!

Barnsley Central GE2017

English Democrats’ Candidate stands in Barnsley Central Constituency  The English Democrats are pleased to announce that Stephen Morris of the English Democrats has had his nomination papers formally accepted by the Barnsley Central Returning Officer.  Stephen is therefore a candidate to stand in the General Election.  Stephen will be proudly standing to put England and […]

EngLeave.eu – watch “Brexit the Movie” to get England out of the European Union !

EngLeave.eu – watch “Brexit the Movie” to get England out of the European Union !


GOVT MIS-USING POLICE COMMISSIONER ELECTION FUNDS for EU PROPAGANDA The Cabinet Office refused to spend what they claimed was £9 million on an information booklet for the Police Commissioner Elections which was recommended by the Electoral Commission, but instead it is set to waste £9 million on a booklet of propaganda for the European Union […]

Do the SNP really want Scottish Independence?

The English Democrats discuss the potential benefits to the SNP of working with them to promote the Scottish independence agenda  After the SNP’s historic victory in the 2015 General Election in Scotland, nationalist politicians can reasonably ask – What is the next step in the battle to break-up the UK? (for that is what Scottish […]

Arbitrary censorship from the [professed] land of the Free!

The image below was arbitrarily removed by Facebook censors without explanation: We English can well do without the corporate dictatorship in which the USA specialises! There is a strong case for Parliament regulating the online activities of foreign companies in England, not only to conform to OUR ideas of democracy but in the interests of […]

Corbyn rejects English Labour

Article by Mr Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for the Campaign for an English Parliament. The Campaign for English Parliament attended the ‘Jeremy Corbyn for Leader’ event that was held in Ealing on the 17th August 2015.  As the Campaign Director of the Campaign for an English Parliament we asked a question during the question and […]

English Votes for ENGLAND’s Laws?

English Lions   The BBC and other types of state media continue to propagate the Conservative Government’s tawdry and misleading ‘English Votes for English Laws’ (EVEL) policy.  A more accurate name for this policy would be ‘English Votes for England’s Laws’ which would tend to draw attention to the difference between England and the English, […]

England continues to be treated less favourably!

For those sceptics who doubt that England and her people are treated less favourably than the rest of the UK, here are two examples to add to free university tuition fees, free prescriptions, free social care etc: 1. In England men and women are not eligible for concessionary free bus travel until they reach ‘pensionable […]

Victory in Europe in May 1945 ~ England’s massive role

On Monday the 7th May 1945, German armed forces surrendered and the continent of Europe (as distinct from the political EU) was liberated. England and the English played a huge part in the struggle which led to that victory which should now be recognised and celebrated. Regrettably, our role has been obscured by being persistently […]