Barnsley Central GE2017

English Democrats’ Candidate stands in Barnsley Central Constituency

 The English Democrats are pleased to announce that Stephen Morris of the English Democrats has had his nomination papers formally accepted by the Barnsley Central Returning Officer.  Stephen is therefore a candidate to stand in the General Election.

 Stephen will be proudly standing to put England and the English Nation first!

About Stephen:

He is married with 3 children, one in employment, one at university and one still at school.

Stephen previously worked as a Manager for nearly 15 years in a number of retail companies before moving onto public transport where he covered many roles in various departments.

 From 2004 until 2010 Stephen was a Unite Branch Secretary in public Transport

He joined the Workers of England Trade Union in 2010, becoming their General Secretary in 2015.

 Stephen actively campaigned for the UK to leave the European Political Union, as Stephen says “Even the head of the ‘Remain’ campaigned acknowledged that leaving the EU would increase wages and standards of living”

He actively campaigns to tackle Child poverty, deprivation and homelessness, against the building on Green Belt land and actively encourage people to use renewable energy and not, like other parties, to tax people into submission

Through his experiences Stephen knows what it takes for businesses to survive;  and what we need to do to make public transport an attractive option to use.

He campaigns to highlight and tackle the appalling Child poverty, Deprivation and Homelessness spreading across our areas under Labour.

Being a General Secretary of a Trade Union he campaigns for companies to have Family-Friendly Policies, is against Zero Hour Contracts, and says that local people should be given priority in job applications from companies bidding for local government contract

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 Stephen Morris