West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner Election Results

Results after the second round of votes

West Yorkshire
Mark Burns-Williamson Labour 295,814
Allan Doherty Conservative 150,126

Results after the first round of votes

West Yorkshire
Candidate Party
Mark Burns-Williamson Labour 260,271
Peter Corkindale UKIP 74,748
Allan Doherty Conservative 119,336
Barry Golton Liberal Democrat 48,963
Therese Hirst English Democrats 20,656


Nominations for the 2016 Police Commissioner Elections - West Yorkshire


Therese Hirst - Barford West - West Yorkshire - England

Therese is a retired teacher of Religious Education and part-time lecturer in Law; having lectured at degree level. She was educated at Durham University having read Theology and later at Leeds University having completed a post-graduate Law degree, and more recently successfully completed the first stage in training as a solicitor, completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Law at the College of Law, York.

She lives in West Yorkshire with her long-term partner of over twenty five years and her beloved Scottie, Rufus and Jack Russell, Chester, although spends some of her time in the South of England. Since her retirement in 1995, she has been heavily involved in helping her local community in Bradford, dealing with contentious planning issues and with more sensitive issues relating to the Bradford riots of 2001. She was for several years an independent director of South Bradford Community Housing Trust which delivers affordable housing to 23,000 homes in the local community and she has also sat on various related committees.

Therese now uses her legal skills and knowledge to help people in her community who cannot afford expensive legal representation.

When Veritas was launched in the February of 2005, she believed it to be the only political party which would have both the vision and the courage to address the problems which Britain was facing in the 21st century and having met both Robert Kilroy-Silk and Patrick Eston in the Midlands, she was convinced that Veritas was the party for her. She now has the honour of being classed as a founder member of the Party. Since joining Veritas she has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Party, standing in the General Election for Bradford South and quickly becoming involved at the heart of policy and decision-making within the Party.

Her involvement with the party has been a roller-coaster in terms of her work-load, having been Chair of the Standards Committee during the Party’s painful troubles with the VMA, drafting Party rules and contributing to the drafting of the new constitution, including offering legal advice when required.

She was honoured with the task of becoming the new Party Secretary which places huge responsibility on her in terms of ensuring that the Party conducts itself within the existing legal framework. Part of her duties related to the conducting of the ballot on the Party’s new constitution and the recruitment of members onto the National Executive Committee. More recently she has been largely responsible for the drafting of the guidance document for those members standing in the Local Elections and she is part of the Local Election Campaign team.

With the sudden resignation of Patrick Eston in 2008, Therese was appointed Acting Party Leader with the full support of the NEC and Patrick Eston, and later elected to the position of Party Leader. She continues to work tirelessly on behalf of Veritas. Therese has also had the honour of working alongside the English Democrats and has been invited to join them as Deputy Leader of the party.

Therese was also a member at board level of the Campaign for an Independent Britain which is a non-partisan organisation whose aim is the complete withdrawal of the EU. CIB has high-ranking support from many members of the House of Lords and prominent politicians and business men, meeting regularly at Portcullis House, Westminster.

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