Barnsley East GE 2017

The English Democrats are pleased to announce that Kevin Riddiough as been selected as our candidate to contest the Barnsley East Parliamentary Constituency election.

Kevin is married with grown up children and he lives in Barnsley East. He is active in the local community and also a member of the local church Parochial Council.

Kevin Stated “I am honoured to be standing as your parliamentary candidate for Barnsley East for the English Democrats. Your views, concerns, wants and needs are very important to me, something that cannot be said of any Labour candidate as party politics will always shine through; you are an inconvenience to their thinking. even the huge vote for Brexit  was sneered upon by Labour left politicians, Michael Dougher included, who believes you are wrong, RACIST AND BIGOTED.

Labour have tried, in vain, to ignore your views and have tried to undemocratically overturn your vote to stop Brexit altogether. one look around Hoyland and Hhoyland common you will see the unnecessary road building and attempts at pedestrian zones. The pavement widening scheme has created a bottle neck effect in Hoyland town centre, which creates more inconvenience and congestion to the road users of Hoyland.   Our roads are ill equipped to sustain such high traffic demands and so would have to be closed permanently to accommodate pedestrian zones.  Now is the time to have your views heard and time for real representation, and the ballot box is where it will happen, to effect change, a change of voting habits is required.”


Kevin continued “The labour candidate blames the Torys for the cuts, yet forgets that Barnsley council has been labour run for decades, so any blame for lack of services is clearly the fault of the labour council. While the social care arrangements suffer Barnsley Council sees fit to build new roads in areas where they are not needed, Hoyland has become a ghost town of half built structures that no one wants to rent, presumably because of the high rents and ultimately the rateable values too. There is also the fact that Labour councillors took pride in claiming they had created a substantial number of car parking places in Hoyland, to then sell the car park land to the highest bidder, so charges can now be charged for parking in the local area leaving yet again the public who use the services of Hoyland having to put the hands in their pockets once more.

Yes the cuts hit hard but the cuts were brought about with Labour’s frivolous spending spree in 13 years in number 10 and a Labour run Barnsley.

Barnsley needs new blood to speak on your behalf, while Barnsley has its Labour yes men nothing will change.

Labour have ignored you, and will continue to ignore you, and the plans of the Labour council will go ahead regardless unless you vote for change.

Voting Labour will leave us defenceless, Corbyn as previously stated he wants our army to be dissolved and to get rid of our nuclear deterrent, all at a time when countries like North Korea are flexing their muscles and trying to start an unjust war on nations.

In in my mind this is infantile at best and very dangerous for countries without the capabilities to defend themselves as we will be under a Labour government”

English Democrats