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What a nasty, misleading, divisive general election this is!

What a nasty, misleading, divisive general election we are experiencing!

The Lib Dems won’t support the Conservatives. The SNP seeks to keep the Conservatives out of office! Neither Labour nor the Conservatives will co-operate with the SNP. The Conservative Leader, David Cameron, refuses a televised head-to-head exchange directly with the Labour Leader, Ed Miliband!

An unsavoury element in the present situation is the stated intention of party leaders who are not and will not be Members of Parliament, to seek to control actions taken by MPs who hitherto have been presumed to represent not only the interests of their particular constituents but also those of the UK as a whole. Instead, they intend to subordinate the interests of the vast majority (perforce in England) to their narrow, exclusive minority interests! Who needs reminding that Scotland accounts for merely 8.3% of the UK’s population and Wales at 4.7% even less!

Only today [8th April] the Labour Leader has announced a new policy of taxing ‘Non-Doms’ and immediately the Conservatives and Lib Dems have gone into overdrive alleging that Labour’s ‘Shadow Chancellor’ opposes that policy. How refreshingly novel it would be if opposing parties admitted where they agreed particular policies and emphasised the benefits of their other policies!

In short the ‘Reform School’ conduct of PMQs has been transferred to the campaign sphere. Here in Yorkshire ~ more particularly in Leeds ~ Eric Pickles Pickles is reported in the Yorkshire Post as saying “there was a clear plan by Labour leaders to hinder the Conservative attempt to pass on job creation powers”. Indeed, the Posts’ headline is: “Labour leaders plotting to scupper Yorkshire devolution, Tory claims”.  HERE IS A LINK: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/election-politics/politics-and-election-news/labour-leaders-plotting-to-scupper-yorkshire-devolution-tory-claims-1-7197605

Eric Pickles

Eric Pickles, living off the fat of England and exponent of ‘Reform School’ behaviour!

In the same report, Shadow Local Government Secretary Hilary Benn is quoted as saying: “There is a tide flowing in this country in favour of devolution. Councils and the communities they represent, very simply, want to have more say over the decisions that affect the places in which they live and the way the economy is going to grow and develop. A Labour government will pass power back to communities across England, reversing 100 years of centralisation.”

The core concern which shines out to me is that neither of these parties, indeed none of the Brit parties, intend to treat England and her people fairly but scheme to deceive us into believing that we will be receiving devolved powers similar to those in Scotland and Wales. In reality, they plan to devolve powers to PARTS of England, NOT to England as national entity! These schemes are bogus and enable those in positions of power and privilege to cling onto their offices and, worse, to avoid setting a budget for England which would be comparable to that (for example) enjoyed by Scotland and should be of the order of £300billion! The shabby, piecemeal approach inflicted on England by British politicians will perpetuate the administrative shambles currently to be seen in our Education, Health, Social Services and Transport.  

Real power takes the form of funding but, under CON/LAB/LIBDEM policies, control of the disbursement of funding will remain with the British Government which can vary funding each year and reduce it. So much for devolution to England! So much for devolution of real power!  The current crop of British politicians, whether they are at state level or local government level, are determined to prevent England from having a constitutional presence and with it a role in administering her own affairs.

If the people of England wish control their (our) destiny,  they must recognise that fundamental differences are not restricted to those between British political parties [Labour v Conservatives, Greens v UKIP etc] but between those who regard their national identity as English with a loyalty to England and those who do not! Regrettably, there are far, far too many of the latter predominating in England’s politics and not only diminishing democracy but doing so to short-change us, not least in Yorkshire! We know who they are. They include Yorkshire Forward, Yorkshire First, the Hannah Mitchell Foundation, UAF and Hate not Hope!

Only one party exists to put England at the heart of our affairs! It is the English Democrats, of course!

English Democrats Independence Logo - 2013

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